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TERRITORIO MUDÉJAR was established as an association of city councils whose objective is to consolidate a unified, collaborative management network for the use of historical and artistic resources linked to important Mudejar heritage; such resources are deemed a driving force in the development of the towns and an identifying feature for upholding the communities existing in our region.

The TERRITORIO MUDÉJAR association is a private management entity in which government bodies collaborate, based on a project whose outcomes directly influence the region through the responsible and sustainable management of Mudejar cultural heritage.

TERRITORIO MUDÉJAR arises from an identity-focused approach to sustainable regional and rural development based on Aragonese Mudejar heritage, as monuments of this kind are present across 85% of the province of Zaragoza, and there are also numerous examples to be found in industrial, agricultural and ethnographic heritage, as well as traditions handed down and adapted in line with the evolving times and the region and its inhabitants.

Established on September 13, 2018 with twenty member municipalities and one partner city council in the province of Zaragoza, the entity soon grew to thirty members and remains open to new additions in the different categories set out in its articles of incorporation: members and partners.

Aims and activities

The overall purpose of the entity is to foster activities entailing the study, dissemination and promotion of all facets of Mudejar Art in Aragon: architecture, movable and immovable assets, urban design, affected lands, population, society and culture, and to promote art and heritage management initiatives that enhance the appreciation, preservation and knowledge of this art.

Its main goals can be summarized as:


Designing a working philosophy based on a project whose outcomes directly affect the region through responsible and sustainable management of Mudejar cultural heritage with an innovative, cross-disciplinary perspective.​


Raising awareness about cultural and heritage assets that reach beyond monuments to include agricultural, water-related, ethnographic and intangible heritage handed down through the Mudejar tradition and adapted to the changing times and the evolution of the region and its inhabitants.


Focusing our work from the local to the international level by using the World Heritage brand as an umbrella through which to spotlight the wealth and diversity of the region, offering tools for the future: wealth in terms of culture, education, population and, directly or indirectly, the economy.

Board of directors

Territorio Mudéjar is represented by a board of directors composed of seven member municipalities that work towards the association’s aims:

Chairman. Tobed city council

Vice-chairman. Calatayud city council

Secretary. Cervera de la Cañada city council

Treasurer.  Maluenda city council

Member 1. Tauste city council

Member 2. Quinto city council

Member 3. Longares city council

Scientific committee

The entity has a multi-disciplinary scientific committee composed of research professionals and national and international management entities to ensure the quality of our project and the work we do.

Mr. Gonzalo M. Borrás Gualis, honorary director.

Mr. Esteban Sarasa Sánchez, professor emeritus of Medieval History.

Mr. Ernesto Arce Oliva, art history professor and researcher. Director of University Experience at University of Zaragoza.

Mr. Jesús Criado Mainar. Art history professor and researcher. Director of Centro de Estudios Turiasionenses.

Mr. José Castillo Ruiz. Chair of the Art History Department and specialist in historical and artistic heritage at University of Granada.

ICOMOS. Ms. Celia Martínez Yáñez. Assistant secretary of the Spanish Committee of the International Council of Monuments and Sites.

COAA. Association of Architects of Aragon.

Honorary members

The association receives the support of the archbishopric of Zaragoza and the bishopric of Tarazona, in their roles as honorary members

Articles of incorporation

You can consult the association’s articles of incorporation by clicking here.

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