Territorio Mudéjar is taking part in Aratur 2021, the Aragonese tourism fair held at the Zaragoza conference centre. It does so with a stand where it informs about how the entity works with, by and for the Mudejar. There you can also see the special travelling exhibition on the 20th anniversary of the designation of Mudejar architecture as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Those interested can take part in 15-minute guided tours on different themes.

In these visits, in which the students of the Challenge Programme have participated, it has been recalled that Mudejar is an art developed in the context of the coexistence of cultures, in which the characteristics of Eastern and Western art are mixed. The characteristics of the Eastern heritage have been explained. For example, Mudejar art inherits from Andalusian art the aesthetics of the mutable, i.e. for Muslims God is the only being that remains, while everything else is mutable or ephemeral. This is translated in art into the use of perishable materials. The tour also explores the figure of the Mudéjar master craftsmen and discusses ceramics, bricks, plaster and wood, materials that form an indissoluble part of the Mudéjar whole. The visits have included explanations on history and World Heritage and on the keys to the Mudejar through the fortress-churches and towers.

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