Through La magia de viajar por Aragón (The magic of travelling in Aragon) we have invited you in past articles to take a new look to recognise the results of the rich coexistence of cultures on an urban level.

Now we present a route through towns in Territorio Mudéjar which, through its complex monumentality ascribed to different historical styles, allows us to understand the origins of the style, from the transition from fully Western languages to a new language in which the Islamic building tradition will gradually gain ground, with its particular technical solutions, its praised efficiency and an attractive and captivating aesthetic.

The route follows the chronology of the stylistic witnesses rather than the logic of the journey itself, so we encourage you to plan your visit calmly, enjoying the route and the magnificent landscape in which all these localities are located.

In this article we describe examples of Mudejar architecture in Zuera, Daroca, Calatayud, Tauste, Alagón and La Almunia de Doña Godina.

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