‘Rural Erasmus’ has gone international

Territorio Mudéjar collaborates with the European university project UNITA- Universitas Montium in which the universities of Zaragoza; Turin (Italy), which acts as coordinator; Pau and Savoy Montblanc in France; West Timisoara in Romania, and Beira Interior in Portugal participate.

The project aims to strengthen the skills and improve the employability of university students, connecting public and private rural organisations with students who want to put their knowledge into practice.

In Territorio Mudéjar we have counted on Giacomo Pasini, an Italian student who is finishing a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at the University of Turin and who during these weeks has accompanied our students of the Challenge Programme.

Giacomo – originally from Sartirana Lomellina, in the province of Pavia (Lombardy) – is researching the impact of the climate crisis on local communities, with a special interest in the forms of adaptation and resistance to the crisis. “I work on two themes: environmental migrations and local ecological knowledge as a resource against climate change,” he explains.

Why did you choose Territorio Mudéjar for your internship? “I was interested in approaching an association that works with cultural heritage in rural areas and learning strategies to strengthen the connection between the villages that are part of the network developed by the entity”, he answers. And then adds: “I have settled in the town of Tobed together with Eugenia, Elena and Diego, and I am working with them on the different projects they are carrying out within Territorio Mudéjar”.

With this programme, we are reinforcing our Centro de Innovación Rural project through the management of heritage and the use of heritage space as a learning space.