The managers of World Heritage in Spain strive to make their sites more accessible to everyone

It was a pleasure to exchange experiences with more than one hundred professionals at the Meeting of Spanish World Heritage Managers held this week in Cordoba, sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Cordoba city council. Following this year’s motto, ‘World Heritage accessible to everyone’, Territorio Mudéjar is constructing forward-looking strategies to make our heritage places for learning, innovation and accessibility to everyone.

The modernity of our project and its vision of development from the local to the global came as a surprise; the reason for this is none other than the definition of “Mudejar” itself: while we find it in most of the medieval art forms in our towns, it displays its full glory in architecture, in which the lofty, cultured lines never become completely separated from the daily life in our villages, so that the separation from ethnography is blurred. In sum, it is a region that exudes intellectualism of all kinds, which has been preserved thanks to the inhabitants here.

We returned home with renewed enthusiasm, motivation and good management practices, and hope that, as an entity, we contributed a touch of youthfulness; we thank everyone for their generosity. See you soon!

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