International conference: culture, territory and heritage

Territorio Mudéjar has participated in the international conference on Culture, Territory and Politics organised by the research group Observatorio Aragonés de Arte en la Esfera Pública and the City Council of Graus. It also has the support of the Institute of Heritage and Humanities and the Vice-rectorate of Academic Policy of the University of Zaragoza. In this meeting, held online, national and international speakers analysed the role of institutions in heritage management, the reality of heritage in rural areas and its implication in the landscape and the territory. They also reflected on the different ways in which we interact with heritage: from destruction to rehabilitation and its use as a revitalising resource. Territorio Mudéjar took part in this discussion forum of interest to researchers, managers, teachers and students of disciplines related to heritage management. We spoke on the subject of “Heritage in rural areas: uses, proposals, possibilities and realities”. Specifically, the director of Territorio Mudéjar, Victoria Trasobares, spoke about the management of UNESCO World Heritage in rural areas and detailed how the Territorio Mudéjar network works to build a new model from the local reality. The presentation focused on research and on projects linked to UNESCO World Heritage, the cultural and historical-artistic heritage management and territorial development strategies based on culture. What a pleasure to share good practices with heritage professionals!