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Territorio Mudéjar Routes 2021

In a strategic alliance with the Tourism Department of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, we present twelve routes accompanied by a complete tour of the villages of Territorio Mudéjar in
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Fieldwork 2020: Mudetrad, vernacular architecture itineraries in Mudejar villages

The project considers the importance of knowledge and valuation of the local traditional architecture in order to guarantee its protection. Its understanding and appreciation by users avoids its replacement by
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International conference: culture, territory and heritage

Territorio Mudéjar has participated in the international conference on Culture, Territory and Politics organised by the research group Observatorio Aragonés de Arte en la Esfera Pública and the City Council
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New MOMAr meeting on best practices in heritage management

Would you like to work with educational materials related to the Mudejar identity of the villages in the classroom? Do you understand the heritage space as an innovative learning space?
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Rural school in motion: bringing Mudejar heritage to the classroom.

We are never lazy to go back to school, especially if we do it to talk about how to bring the Mudejar heritage closer to future generations. Over the last
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Meeting of researchers to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the Mudejar as World Heritage

Territorio Mudéjar has commemorated today the 20th anniversary of the declaration as World Heritage with a meeting of researchers that has been held in Tobed and that has brought together
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20th anniversary of the declaration of the Zaragoza Mudejar as World Heritage

Territorio Mudéjar and the Council of Zaragoza are celebrating today the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the Zaragoza Mudejar as World Heritage. On 14th December 2001, just two decades
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Zaragoza, Mudejar province. Come and meet yourself

The Council of Zaragoza has just launched an advertising campaign on the occasion of the anniversary of the UNESCO declaration. With the slogan ‘Zaragoza, Mudejar province: come and meet yourself’,
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Territorio Mudéjar takes part in Aratur 2021, the tourism fair in Aragon

Territorio Mudéjar is taking part in Aratur 2021, the Aragonese tourism fair held at the Zaragoza conference centre. It does so with a stand where it informs about how the
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Happy International World Heritage Day

What better way to celebrate International World Heritage Day -which commemorates the first convention held in Paris in 1972- than with two initiatives related to this statement and to the
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