Tower of the church of San Martín de Tours, Torrellas

Plaza de la iglesia, s/n. 50512 Torrellas



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The Mudejar tower of the church of San Martín de Tours in Torrellas was built in two phases: from 1540 to 1550 the section up to the belfry was erected, and the upper section was completed around 1580. This austere, simply built tower is attached to one of the corners of the ancient Romanesque church. The church has three naves with three bays each, along with three chapels built into the flat east end wall of the apse in varying sizes and arrangements.

The tower of San Martín de Tours in Torrellas is octagonal in shape and the interior has a Caliphal minaret structure, with a cylindrical central buttress around which a spiral staircase ascends, covered by an overhanging brick vault. On the exterior, it appears highly stylized due to its pronounced verticality. The tower is divided into three sections by means of light-weight impost moldings and its simple decorative work is more aligned with the Renaissance style that had a heavy influence at that time than with the Mudejar style properly speaking.

The lower section of the tower, the oldest part, has smooth walls lacking any ornamentation except at the top, where there is a row of recessed box shapes. The second section is divided into two parts: the lower part has decorative brick detail work featuring two strips of simple and staggered angled bricks with a line of triangles between them while the upper part has double round-arched openings on each side, topped by an arcade of small blind round arches with a double impost molding featuring strips of angled bricks in between. The two parts can be distinguished by their round arches, blind in the lower part and open, with double arches, in the upper part.
The second phase dates from 1580, when the upper section of the tower was built.


Restoration, 20th to 21st century

Several restoration projects were carried out on the tower of the church of San Martín de Tours in Torrellas during the 20th century: in 1991, the first phase of restoration of the church tower took place, and in 1996, restoration and renovation projects were carried out in the church and tower.

Projects and interventions

Projects and interventions, and the driving forces behind them, define the history of monumental buildings and how they are perceived.


Declaration, 21st century

On December 14, 2001, the 25th Official Session of the World Heritage Committee held in Helsinki (Finland) resolved to recognize and declare the Mudejar architecture of Aragon as World Heritage.

On August 14, 2002, the Department of Culture and Tourism Order from July 8, 2002 was published in the Official Gazette of Aragon, declaring the tower of the church of San Martín de Tours in Torrellas (Zaragoza) a Listed Asset of Aragonese Cultural Heritage.


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Tower of the church of San Martín de Tours

Plaza de la iglesia, s/n.
50512 Torrellas (Zaragoza)

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