Palace of the Condes de Argilllo, Saviñán

Calle Laureles nº2, Saviñán



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The palace of the Condes de Argilllo in Saviñán is located at the southern end of the town, its main façade facing the Plaza de la Muñoza, although the land pertaining to the building stretches along Calle Laureles and Calle Goya at the back, besides running adjacent to other properties outside the town limits in the area known as “Las Aladillas”. The palace gardens, orchards and threshing floors were located on this land, in addition to several ancillary buildings used for farming, livestock, handicraft and proto-industrial (e.g. milling) purposes related to the operation of the properties of the Muñoz de Pamplona family by their vassals and laborers, many of whom were Mudejares converted into Moriscos after 1610.

This is a sturdy structure made of brick and rammed earth, the result of several additions and significant changes in the layout of both the interior and the exterior; however, the building maintains its character as a palace or noble home, for the most part, as can be seen particularly on the façade facing Plaza de la Muñoza.

Without a doubt, the most striking feature of the entire property is the main façade, measuring some 34 m in length and made of brick over a base of ashlars. The main entrance consists of a round-arch portal made entirely of brick, over which there appears the coat of arms of the Muñoz de Pamplona family framed by an aedicule in the Classical style composed of two engaged columns with fluted shafts and Corinthian order capitals supporting an entablature that is now undecorated and topped by a cornice with two volutes and a central pinnacle.
The entire field of the coat of arms is checkered, crisscrossed and bordered by the chains of Navarre, crowned by a helmet with a plume and valances.

The property currently holds no furnishings of value inside, as the ones that were once there gradually disappeared over time, including the skull of Papa Luna, which was kept in the chapel there from the time of the War of Spanish Succession, according to some scholars, and from the Peninsular War, according to others. The skull was stolen and subsequently recovered in 2000 and is now under court custody.

Other than decorative items, the only significant element worth noting is the magnificent polychrome ceramic arista tile wainscoting that covers the lower part of the walls in the room known as ‘Salon de Reyes’ and some of the carpentry work and original wrought iron grille work.

In addition to the historical and artistic values described above, this building has the added value of being part of the collective memory of the town of Saviñán, where a few other examples of civilian architecture from the Renaissance still remain, but none as relevant or recognizable to successive generations of natives of Saviñán as this.


Restoration, 20th to 21st century

In 2000, the Government of Aragon carried out restoration work on the building, allocating a budget of 29,949 euros.

After parts of the palace collapsed and the owners finally transferred the property to the Sabiñán city council, the Provincial Government of Zaragoza announced in 2014 the initial investment aimed at halting the deterioration of the building and stabilizing the structure of certain rooms such as the dining room, chapel and living room. Between March and October 2015, the most urgent activities were performed, focusing mainly on stabilizing structural elements, clearing debris and repairing the roofs.


Declaration, 21st century

The Official Gazette of Aragon dated June 5, 2007 published the Department of Education, Culture and Sport Order of May 16, 2007, which included the Palace of the Condes de Argillo, also known as the Palace of the Muñoz de Pamplona family, located at Calle Laureles 2 in Saviñán (Zaragoza), in the Inventory of Aragonese Cultural Heritage.


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Palace of the Condes de Argilllo

C/ Laureles, 2
50299 Saviñán (Zaragoza)

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