Lordship of the Luna family

Mesones de Isuela can be seen from a distance due to its majestic castle, which dominates the valley dotted with kitchen gardens and the foothills of the Buitrera Mountains, with its 3,000 m2 of space and powerful presence.

This fortress, possibly Templar in origin, belonged to the Luna family line and beyond the military role of its Gothic façade, it harbors in its interior one of the town’s jewels of Mudejar art: a Mudejar ceiling that is unparalleled in Europe. It is located in one of the six cylindrical towers that fortify the exterior of the castle and was used as a chapel. This is a highly unique example of hexagonal roof construction, composed of 96 planks painted with the same number of angels bearing candles.

The decoration is completed with a frieze of plant and animal designs and the coat of arms of the archbishop of Zaragoza, Lope Fernández de Luna, the patron of this work of art.

Islamic layout

Starting in the 13th century, Mesones de Isuela had a largely Mudejar population, and the traces of this can be seen to this day.

The town spreads out at the foot of the castle, where the parish church of La Asunción was built in Mudejar style in the 16th century. Although it was later expanded in the 18th century, its original Mudejar layout remains intact.

The distinguishing feature of this style is the small but elegant tower at its west end, built of brick over masonry foundations.  The tower, which rises above the single nave covered by star rib vaults, consists of two sections.  The lower section has a square floor plan and a Hispano-Muslim minaret structure, and is decorated with crisscrossing lines forming diamond shapes.  The upper section is octagonal and its round arches were broken open to house the belfry and clock, making it necessary to destroy some of the original openings and decorative panels.


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