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CONSTRUCTION DATE: Original construction, 14th century. Classified as proto-Mudejar. Zuera is a key location in the discussion of the early development of the style.
The construction of the church was made possible thanks to the Islamic cultural groundwork, which culminated in the church of San Pedro. Although it cannot be considered strictly Mudejar, due to the date of its construction, it does represent a transition between Romanesque and Mudejar architecture. It could be said that this is one of the earliest examples of a Cistercian structure built of brick.

The parish church building dates from the second quarter of the 13th century and experts such as Gonzalo M. Borrás have linked its construction to Lamberto, master builder of La Seo in Zaragoza.

The original floor plan probably consisted of three naves and a three-part semi- circular apse at the east end. It fits the definition of a western medieval space but is made of brick and the interior is covered with painted brick designs on mortar. There is also abundant plant and geometric decoration.

The three naves are divided into two parts with different architectural compositions. The part nearest to the east end has two bays with pointed barrel vaults over transverse arches of a similar shape. The central nave is connected to the side aisles through two large pointed supporting arches in such a way that the central transverse arches rest on corbels above the keystone of the supporting arch. The rear part is composed of three bays, all of which are covered by rib vaults over all three naves, with rectangular ribs that rest on cruciform columns.
Flanking the side aisles, round arches between the buttresses lead to shallow chapels covered by barrel vaults withe lunettes.

On the exterior, the medieval structure of the church is concealed by the addition of the sacristies and other added elements. Moreover, in the 19th century a historicist three-section tower topped with a spire was built at the west end. It has a square footprint resting on an open portico on three sides affording access to the temple.


Restoration, 20th to 21st century

Between 2000 and 2002, the restoration of the temple tower was carried out, sponsored by the Provincial Government of Zaragoza, the Zaragoza Diocese and the Villafeliche City Council. The investment amounted to 120,202 euros.

Projects and interventions

Projects and interventions, and the driving forces behind them, define the history of monumental buildings and how they are perceived.


Declaration, 21st century

The church of San Pedro in Villar de los Navarros was declared a provincial monument of historical and artistic interest under the Ministry of National Education Order dated May 31, 1961, which was published the Official State Gazette of August 19, 1961.

The Official Gazette of Aragon dated August 14, 2002 published the Department of Culture and Tourism Order of July 9, 2002, whereby the original declaration of the church of San Pedro in Villar de los Navarros (Zaragoza) is supplemented pursuant to Transitional Provision One of Aragonese Cultural Heritage Act 3/1999, of March 10.


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The church of San Pedro

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