What better way to celebrate International World Heritage Day -which commemorates the first convention held in Paris in 1972- than with two initiatives related to this statement and to the Mudejar?

On the one hand, you can now enjoy the special report on the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the Mudejar architecture of Aragon -among which are the church of Tobed, the church of Cervera de la Cañada and the collegiate church of Calatayud- published Prames SA in its bimonthly magazine ‘La Magia de Viajar por Aragón’ (The Magic of Travelling in Aragon).

In this report we remind you that on 14th December 2001, the International Committee of UNESCO in the meeting held in Helsinki, distinguished the “Mudejar Architecture of Aragon” with the designation of World Heritage for its “universality, uniqueness and authenticity”.

UNESCO thus extended the 1986 declaration, specifically highlighting ten buildings in the towns of Teruel, Zaragoza, Calatayud, Cervera de la Cañada and Tobed.

In this way, it reinforced the path taken when the Mudejar architecture of Teruel began the process of promotion, dissemination and recognition of an art that until then had been considered a minor style compared to those of European influence.

Here you can see a preview: https://lamagiadeviajar.com/pdf/LMV128-2.pdf

On the other hand, the director of Territorio Mudéjar, Victoria Trasobares, has given a talk entitled “The management of Mudejar heritage: chronology and keys to the construction of a model with an international brand” in the church of San Pablo, as part of a commemorative conference to mark the 20th anniversary of its declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Remember that, in addition, in San Pablo you can see until Sunday our temporary exhibition Mudejar 20th Anniversary World Heritage.

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