This autumn, Territorio Mudéjar resumes its guided tours to discover the Mudejar heritage of the province of Zaragoza in its broadest sense – monuments, urbanism, landscape, trades… – always with scientific rigour and hand in hand with professionals. The initiative “Mudejar Territory: a journey to beauty”, promoted together with the Council of Zaragoza, includes 12 routes divided into five themes: cultural fusion, the origins of the artistic style, the towers and the fortress churches. It is a journey back in time through an artistic style that was present from the 13th to the 16th century and which left a legacy that has earned some of its monuments the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

The first routes begin in September:

  • The Mudejars: Mestizo Land and borderland: one through Magallón, Torrellas and Fréscano and another through Saviñán, Mesones de Isuela and La Almunia de Doña Godina. They will show how the period of fusion between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures is still clearly reflected today in the country houses, urbanism and monuments of these towns.
  • Keys to a style: towers. You will visit Romanos, Villarreal de Hueva, Mainar and Villar de los Navarros. These routes immerse visitors in the origins of the style and explain how the Islamic tradition gradually gained ground, with its particular technical solutions, quality and attractive and captivating aesthetics. Specifically, these routes will visit the Mudejar towers, which characterise the ‘skyline’ of the territory and are one of the most exceptional representations of this style.
  • The Mudejar space: Tobed, Maluenda and Morata de Jiloca. This is a route through some of the most beautiful fortress-churches, temples of a clearly defensive style, with privileged locations, framed in beautiful country houses and integrated into the landscape.

The tours will continue in November and December.

The activities are free of charge and those interested should make a reservation in advance on the website by calling 876 634 125 or by emailing

This initiative is part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the Mudejar of the province of Zaragoza as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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