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Circular from the rural school

Family walks through the mudéjar

The project

The “Circular from the rural school” project is a cooperation project between rural development groups led by the Asociación Territorio Mudéjar.

The working group has been formed by: ADRI Calatayud-Aranda, as coordinator, ADRI Jiloca Gallocanta, FEDIVALCA _Valdejalón and Campo de Cariñena, ASOMO Tarazona and Moncayo, CEDEMAR Bajo Aragón-Caspe and Ribera Baja del Ebro, ADRAE Ribera Alta del Ebro and ADEFO Cinco Villas.

The objective has been to develop educational materials around the Mudejar identity of the towns, placing the work processes of rural schools and the educational community of the towns as the center of the project.

Based on the work carried out, the students of each school have designed a walk through their town in which they can see the main points of interest and their connection with the Mudejar culture.

The project has been developed over almost three years in the schools of FIFTEEN towns associated with the Mudéjar Territory.

The results, studied as a model of didactic innovation, will be implemented in the rest of the towns until reaching the 43 members that are part of the entity in 2023.

The project has been carried out thanks to the Rural Development Program (PDR) of Aragon 2014-2020 in the call for aid for the preparation and implementation of cooperation projects between local action groups, for the 2019 financial year.

Family outings in the towns of the Mudéjar Territory

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