The first students in the 2020 Challenge Program reach Territorio Mudéjar

The first students in the Challenge Program, which is funded by the DPZ and organized by the University of Zaragoza, are now at Territorio Mudéjar, learning and implementing applied cultural heritage management models. This is the third edition of this initiative, which enables university students to do internships in towns in the province of Zaragoza in order to encourage young people with good ideas come to – and stay – in rural settings.

“By showing students how we work with the heritage in these towns, we pave the way for them to choose how they want to focus their careers in the future, and we hope that this future is closely related to our region,” explains Victoria Trasobares, director of Territorio Mudéjar.

The group of Art History students participating in the Challenge Program –María Foradada, María Domínguez, Elena López and Sarai Salvo- have been living in Tobed, the town where the entity’s offices are located, since early August, learning about the working system there. They are joined by Eugenia Gallego, María Irazabal and Derry Holgado, working remotely.

The program’s first phase consists in an introduction to the entity and its working methods, familiarizing the students with the networking system and the partners involved: city councils, culture officials and individuals in charge of cultural and heritage dissemination programs, combining classroom learning with fieldwork. In addition, the students are being trained in the cultural heritage management project methodology by professionals in diverse disciplines such as project design and assessment, awareness of the applied management models implemented in our region, and in the fields of project dissemination management and communication.

The Challenge Program – now in its third edition – is aligned with Territorio Mudéjar’s strategic aim of fostering for-credit and training internships and professionalizing job profiles linked to heritage in order to boost employment in rural settings, attract professionals and develop projects that entail conservation of our heritage and investments in our towns as a distinguishing feature.

How is Territorio Mudéjar unique? It is a part of the rural setting, working with a network of 34 municipalities and numerous cross-disciplinary professionals, bolstered by the international renown afforded through the declaration of three monuments pertaining to the member towns as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Additionally, it is committed to professionalism, scientific rigor, innovation and sustainability, while also ensuring that the inhabitants of the towns are inextricably involved in the projects.

2019 Challenge Program

Territorio Mudéjar is offering internships for Bachelor’s students at the University of Zaragoza through the Challenge Program, a project organized by the University of Zaragoza Cátedra de Despoblación (Chair for Depopulation) and the Provincial Government of Zaragoza (DPZ) in rural areas.  This is the second edition of the program, in which qualified university students in their final years of study who display a positive attitude can do internships at public and private institutions in what is known as the “Fourth Space” (towns with a population of fewer than 3,000 inhabitants).
Territorio Mudéjar has come up with a project offering Training internships geared towards developing skills in relation to Quality in the management of accessibility to monumental heritage; this program will enable students to expand their skills to become better prepared through training based on working directly in the region and with its resources.

Rules of participation

1/ Applicants

  • Students registered in the 18/19 school year who have earned 90 credits for Bachelor’s students (fill out the UNIVERSA online application at
  • Knowledge about: Mudejar Art, Aragonese Art, Islamic Art, Medieval Art and Architecture. Management and dissemination of cultural heritage or similar fields.
  • Languages: English and/or French (preferable but not essential)
  • Driver’s license and an available vehicle
  • Communication and customer service skills, etc.

2/ Tasks

  • Internship position: Responsible for accessibility to historical and artistic monuments and management of cultural heritage.

Under the guidance of the entity’s management team, the student will learn to perform tasks involved in the accessibility and dissemination of diverse historical and artistic monuments related to Territorio Mudéjar.

They will apply the knowledge acquired during their training, prepare tours, perform complementary dissemination activities, administrative management of the materials required to carry out the cultural outreach activity and financial management of activities, prepare reports and conduct quality control checks of the activity.

3/ Characteristics and financial resources

PREPARATORY COURSE: 24 hours. Introduction to management of accessibility to historical and artistic monuments.


JULY 15 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

  • Monday to Friday (two days, to be determined): 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Territorio Mudéjar offices and in member towns.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 am -2:00 pm. In the towns assigned according to the schedule for putting the skills learned into practice.
  • Total hours: 16 hours/week
  • Compensation: € 500.00/month
  • Allowance for accommodations: approx. € 600.00/month; living expenses: approx. € 15.00/day; Travel: € 138.00/entire activity
  • Optional participation in the UZ-DPZ Challenge Project extra-curricular placement category.

Location: Territorio Mudéjar

4/ Applications

Candidates should send their CV in electronic format with Ref: Territorio Mudéjar – Desafío in the subject line, to by June 30, 2019.

5/ More information