To walk through our villages and contemplate them on high, from a bird’s eye view, is one of the luxuries offered by the turreted constructions that mark out the Mudejar villages, genuine and magnetic structures that define the silhouette of our Mudejar Territory.

Today we share with you a new publication in our series of itineraries that you can find in the magazine La Magia de Viajar (The Magic of Travelling).

On this route, as well as admiring the exceptional exterior decoration of the towers, we will delve into their structural evolution, a paradigm of the fusion between Islamic and Christian building traditions.

Thus, we will find three groups of Mudejar towers: of Hispano-Muslim structure, of Christian structure and of mixed structure, erected in the 16th and 17th centuries. These architectural elements tell us part of the history of the towns on which they stand.

This route of Mudejar towers offers us the experience of climbing up to the highest part of some of them to understand from on high the context surrounding the Mudejar, the urbanism of the towns, the landscape and even the communications that defined the evolution of Mudejar architecture.

In addition, we have intervened in other sections in which we have spoken about one of our research stays on models of civil heritage management, we have spoken about the initiative Rural school in motion and the Challenge programme as training in the professionalisation of heritage.

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