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Who we are

TERRITORIO MUDÉJAR was established as an association of city councils whose objective is to consolidate a unified, collaborative management network for the use of historical and artistic resources linked to important Mudejar heritage; such resources are deemed a driving force in the development of the towns and an identifying feature for upholding the communities existing in our region.

What we do

Our activity program for the coming years has been designed in accordance with the strategic lines set out in the “2019-2022 Work Plan by the Council of the European Union” which, aligned with the goals of Agenda 2030, is based on the guiding principle that “the cultural identity of the region shall contribute to sustainable social and economic development, differentiating markets and, in turn, enabling them to be integrated into a diversified economy that can ensure their future success”.

Last news

Territorio Mudéjar will launch a new call for research stays on June 1, with two new features: digital strategy as a vehicle for innovation and the incorporation of the creative field through the modality of “artist residencies”

On June 1, Territorio Mudéjar will open the fourth edition of the “Gonzalo M. Borrás
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We are back in the classroom in the Master’s course on cultural heritage management

Last week, the director of Territorio Mudéjar, Victoria Trasobares, taught one of the sessions in
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Training for developing a line of work on preventive conservation

At Territorio Mudéjar, we have completed the course offered by the Cultural Heritage Institute of
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Project MOMAr: Heritage beyond tourism

At Territorio Mudéjar we strive to develop Mudejar heritage management practices that foster responsible, sustainable
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