Educational Mudejar, the guide.

This fieldwork stay has focused on the creation of educational material for primary and secondary school students, in order to make interpretation of the Mudejar easier through a combination of illustrations and real images, as well as to help understand the value of this rich legacy. This teaching resource will be available on the Territorio Mudéjar website, will be accessible through all types of devices and will have an attractive, visual and dynamic presentation. The online publication will be complemented with routes based on maps and with games adapted to the students’ level and linked to the work carried out in the project “Circular desde la escuela rural”. This tool can be used both in the classroom context and at home.
The development of the online didactic guide that summarises the results of the fieldwork stay was carried out through the following phases:
Development of the script and documentation: “Educational Mudejar”.

  • Documentation, development of the idea, script, text writing, creativity with historical-artistic introductions.
  • Design and realisation of different resources and educational materials to adapt them to editorial production.
  • Structure and planning of illustrations as well as trips in order to elaborate the map and the route with photographs and illustrations.

Selection of towns in order to contextualise the educational guide, in the form of a map to explore the towns of Territorio Mudéjar.

  • Taking photographs to mix illustrations and real images in order to help the youngest students to better visualise the contents and understand them. In this sense, the blend of reality and illustration is a basic resource.
  • Photographs for the map and the route.
Illustrations: DAVID GUIRAO:

  • Illustrations and storyboard.
  • Digital retouching and adaptation of illustrations to the right size and format for the production.

Production and execution of the online publication:

  • Search and selection of still images. Includes photographic retouching of images and photomontages.
  • Design and layout of an interactive pdf with a map/plan including routes that are accessible for families and for educational purposes.
  • Motion graphics. Creation of motion graphics (maps, layered photographs, titles, texts).
The result can be consulted through the following button:
LINE OF RESEARCH: Communication and dissemination.

THE AUTHORS: Myriam Monterde, Elisa Plana, José Manuel Herráiz and David Guirao.

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